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Cover Letters

Grab the recruiter’s attention with a professionally written cover letter.

Making the right first impression has never been more important than it has been today. With potentially hundreds of job seekers applying for each vacancy, employers are facing increased pressure to not only juggle their own work commitments, but also trawl through an increasingly unmanageable number of CVs. Consequently, significant constraints have been placed on the time employers are able to review each individual job application.

Your first opportunity to formally introduce yourself to a potential employer is through your covering letter. Bearing in mind the limited time you have to sell yourself, your covering letter should not only immediately engage, but also maintain interest, so that the employer is persuaded to read your CV.

Too many job seekers fail to strike the readers interest by making critical mistakes whilst writing their covering letter. Submitting long, wordy and irrelevant letters will only leave you open to having your application being neglected by hiring managers.

CV cover letter writing services for graduates, professionals and senior executives

Our professional cover letter writing service is powered by career experts with unique backgrounds in Recruitment and HR. Drawing on our experience within the recruitment industry, we will create you an impressive, targeted and high impact cover letter designed to grab the recruiter’s attention in the most effective way possible.  

CV Cover Letters

Professional Cover Letter

Grab the Recruiter’s Attention!

You will be matched to a recruitment expert who will create you an outstanding covering letter designed to:

Help recruiters quickly identify you as a serious contender for the role you are applying for

Showcase relevant skills, experience and achievements in a concise yet persuasive manner

Assert your interest and enthusiasm for the vacancy

Highlight your strengths in a positive and compelling way

Demonstrate the value you will bring to the organisation

Project professionalism and help you stand out

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Order Process:

Once you have placed your order, you will be contacted by a career consultant who will ask you to provide additional information

In order to get the most out of the service, you should provide your CV, job advert or job description and information about the company you are applying for

Your professional cover letter will be ready within 5 to 10 working days following receipt of the required information as specified above

Boost your chances of success even further by ordering a professional CV writing service to complement your professional cover letter

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